Covid Terms & Conditions

What I’ll do for you

  • I’ll be open and honest about my health and if I’m feeling unwell or suspect I might have Covid-19, or am actually diagnosed with it, I won’t do lessons.  I’ll stick to the guidelines set out by the government regarding isolation and NHS Track & Trace.  All lessons are taken at your own risk.

  • I’ll only take payments via bank transfer so neither of us have to handle cash.  I’ll only reserve your appointment once payment is made so that it’s fair for everyone.  No lessons will be provided on a ‘buy now pay later’ basis.

  • I’ll message you the day before your lesson to remind you of the start time and pick up location.  I’ll ask you if you are feeling ok and if you have any symptoms relating to Covid-19, suspect you might have the virus or have been diagnosed with the virus. 

  • I’ll message you the day of the lesson and ask you again if you are fit to attend a lesson, have no symptoms and do not suspect you have Covid-19 or have been diagnosed.  You must respond to this message or the lesson will be cancelled and rescheduled.  No refund will be given.

  • When I come to pick you up, I’ll ask you about your health again before you get in the car and if I feel (and my decision is final) that you are not well, displaying symptoms or I suspect you might have the virus, then the lesson will be cancelled and rescheduled.  No refund will be given.


What you will need to do for me

  • You must be open and honest about your health and tell me if you are feeling unwell or suspect you might have Covid-19, or have been diagnosed with it.  Lessons can be rearranged and you must consider not only your health but risks to mine and my family’s health as well.

  • If you are diagnosed, and contacted by the NHS Test & Trace service, you must give them my details if you have been in contact with me or had lessons.  If I get ill, and I’m contacted by them, I’ll give them your details and won’t keep your details confidential in this circumstance.


Before, during and after the lesson

  • We’ll agree a place to pick you up (and drop you off) in advance of the lesson.  I’ll need to clean the interior hard surfaces of the car before you get in, and after you get out, so the pick-up/drop-off places must be safe and legal to stop and wait.  I won’t stop on double yellow lines, in fast moving traffic or anywhere where I will be blocking the road. 

  • When I arrive to pick you up, I’ll message you to let you know I’m there.  I won’t be leaving the vehicle to knock on doors or press on intercoms etc.  If you don’t come out for 10mins, the lesson will be cancelled and not refunded or rescheduled.  When you do come out, please don’t open the car door until I have spoken to you face to face and we have sanitised our hands before touching the vehicle. 

  • You’ll need to wear a mask for your driving lesson and it needs to remain on throughout the lesson.  You’ll need to be wearing it before you get in the car and only take if off after you get out.  If you take the mask off during the lesson, the lesson will be over immediately and you will be asked to get out of the car.  I’ll make sure it’s safe to let you out but you’ll have to make your own way home.  No refunds will be given.  If you don’t have a mask, or turn up without one, I’ll provide a disposable mask for you.  My mask protects you and your mask protects me and I’ll take a zero tolerance approach.

  • If you bring belongings with you to the lesson (coat, bag, shopping, etc) you’ll need to put these in the boot of the car and they can’t go on the back seat.  If you bring something with you that won’t fit in the boot it can’t come on your lesson, or the lesson will be cancelled and rearranged.  No refunds will be given.

  • You’ll need to sanitise your hands before entering the vehicle and I’ll provide sanitiser for you to use.  If you refuse to sanitise your hands then the lesson will have to be cancelled and rearranged.  No refunds will be given.

  • As per government guidelines, windows will remain open on the vehicle throughout lessons to provide ventilation and reduce the risk of virus transmission.  You’ll need to dress appropriately and consider what other impacts this might have on you and take necessary steps.  Long hair for example, might get in your field of vision with a window open, or a hat might blow off.  Windows will be open no matter the weather.

  • No-one else will be allowed in the car during your lessons.